Our Valued Partners

HMR has experience working with large and small providers in a variety of settings. Our flexible solutions can help you establish a new HMR program and grow and scale based on your needs.

Health Systems

  • Structured diets and behavioral coaching as components of medical treatment, offered on-site and/or remotely
  • Population Health Solution for overweight and obesity
  • Employee benefits programs for weight loss and healthy lifestyle change
  • HMR products offered in cafeterias and/or gift shops as lower-calorie meal options
  • Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) solution for obesity and chronic disease priorities

Individual Providers

  • Specialists in Obesity Medicine, Bariatrics, Sleep, Endocrinology, and Orthopedics rely on the HMR Program to complement their patient treatment plans
  • Our behavioral coaching model and structured meal plans provide actionable next steps for obese and overweight patients with chronic disease, without overburdening the provider

Medical Fitness Centers

  • Behavioral Health Coaching and structured diets for weight loss and healthy lifestyle change, offered on-site and/or remotely
  • Weight loss and healthy habit “Jumpstart” programs for new members
  • HMR products—Shakes, Entrees, and Bars offered as lower-calorie, portion-controlled meal replacements to all members