The HMR Program

HMR’s premier program for weight loss and lifestyle change offers the most weight loss, highest level of support, and can only be offered by providers and health systems.

The program has two diet plans for weight loss, Decision-Free® (only HMR foods) and Healthy Solutions® (HMR foods plus fruits and vegetables), and two phases of the program, Phase 1 for weight loss, and Phase 2 for long-term weight maintenance.

Phase 1

Structured diets for consistent, decision-free weight loss

In Phase 1, participants follow a highly structured, high-volume diet, using a full line of HMR foods (with or without fruits and vegetables, depending on diet plan). The structured, meal replacement-based diet reduces decisions, allowing members to take a break from current food routines to make losing weight easier. Members learn and practice high-volume, lower-calorie food strategies to produce filling, convenient meals and snacks –without needing to count calories. They also begin to incorporate short bouts of physical activity into their lifestyle, progressively working toward burning at least 2,000 kcal per week. Walking is the number one exercise of HMR members.

The foods that make up the Phase 1 diet plans:

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HMR Shakes: High volume, nutrient dense, and an excellent source of protein and calcium, as well as a source of low-fat dairy. Members are required to consume at least three vitamin-fortified shakes per day (some HMR shake varieties are supplemented with a multivitamin in order to reach 100% of adult Daily Values for most vitamins and minerals).

In addition, HMR offers naturally sweetened Multigrain Hot Cereal, which serves as a nutritionally equivalent shake substitution for both diet options.

HMR Entrees: Portion controlled, prepared entrees are all below 300 calories, contain less than 630mg of sodium and at least 10g of protein per meal. Meals are low in saturated fat and added sugars and are shelf-stable for portability and convenience. The HMR Entree line provides a variety of nutritious options such as whole grains, vegetables, lean meat, and plant protein.

Several HMR Entree options are also vegetarian and celiac-friendly.

Fruits & Vegetables: The Healthy Solutions plan includes at least 5 full cups of fruits and vegetables per day. Members are coached to build skills with produce and expand their variety with these foods. Using these nutrient-dense foods during the weight-loss phase helps members learn to incorporate them into their eating routines to better manage their weight and health long term.

For a complete overview of the HMR product line, nutrition information, and allergen information, download our HMR Food Selections E-Book:

Phase 2

Weight loss maintenance: establishing healthier habits for life

After weight loss, or when dieting momentum slows down, members transition to Phase 2—HMR’s healthy lifestyle phase. Here they continue to practice and build skills that are key for maintaining weight loss, such as meal planning, shopping and meal prep tips, navigating restaurant menus, and reading nutrition labels. They learn to create healthy portion-controlled meals, use meal replacements strategically to help manage calories, and track daily physical activity. This dietary approach, combined with maintaining consistent physical activity, provides the structure and support for weight maintenance.  

As new food groups are introduced, there is a continuous focus on keeping up the routines that led to weight loss in the first place.

A high level of physical activity, burning 2,000 calories/week.
Eating 5 or more full-cup servings of fruits and vegetables/day.
Strategic use of HMR foods to replace some high-calorie meals.